Mercury Plastics, along with See-A-Cake, is committed to providing an environmentally friendly product produced in an eco-conscious environment.  We are a member of the Illinois Recycling Association and understand the impact we have on preserving our planet.  


Nearly all the plastic used to produce our cake domes is extruded in house of quality PET, and all scrap is recycled.  This process allows us to reduce overall usage of both petrol-based resins and energy, and also limits the cost, and the time it would otherwise require to transport plastic around the country.  Mercury’s RPET carries the coveted #1 recycling symbol and can be recycled in any curbside recycling program in the country. 

The corrugated boards that are used to support the cakes are fully recyclable and contain recycled content as well. 

Inside our plant, our One Step Further program is designed to sort and recycle not only the basic plastic, corrugated, and paper materials, but also lesser used items such as foam, rubber and electronic components.  Capital equipment is neither procured, installed, nor operated without accounting for energy considerations.   With a number of practices focused on a reduced carbon footprint, See-A-Cake is clearly a responsible environmental citizen in word and deed.