What is the Super G?

What is the Super G product line?

Packaging cakes for resale has evolved into two options.  Once sold, the cake on a board is placed in a box at the time of sale, or the cake, on its’ board is placed on a plastic base and a dome is placed over the top of it.  Both methods allow the cake to slide around and could potentially damage it during transit.  We at See-A-Cake have found a better way to display and transport cakes.  

The Board

Daisy pattern boards are pre-finished and ready to use.  Made of  one-ply or two-ply corrugated depending on the weigth of the cake have a colored lace design. The boards are specially polycoated to be grease and stain resistant and give the baker a hard, smooth surface to work with.  No matter how small or large your cake is, we only sell double walled boards.  This makes for a sturdy board that won’t buckle, whether you are creating an airy 7” cake or a full sheet Tres Leche, our boards are meant to handle whatever your customer calls for.   Many of our competitors have opted to provide a single wall corrugated board which in many applications works just fine.  We at See-A-Cake however, believe that while bakeries and our professional staff know how to handle carrying a cake, many consumers may not be as knowledgeable.  For that reason, we do everything possible to keep the cake safe.


The Dome

Our domes are made of high quality, clear plastic called RPET.  RPET uses recycled content from post industrial applications and is strong enough to even stack multiple cakes on top of one another.  This material is known for its’ clarity.  We know that bakeries have high traffic times and believe that even the largest sheet cake should be ready to go when the customer is standing there.  Packaging the cake in this dome increases shelf life, saves time when the customer is purchasing and holds up exceptionally well in refrigerated or freezer cases. 


Seal Clips

Half Sheet Cakes and Full Sheet Cakes need a little extra support on the long end to hold the dome to the board.  Seal clips, acting like big paper clips provide for this extra security.


The Glue 


On the base of each dome there are anywhere from 3-8 dabs of adhesive.  The adhesive meets compostion requirements of indirect food additives per the FDA and allows for easy access to the cake.  Selling sheet cakes that the customer wants to personalize upon purchase?  The tabs easily pull off the board and then reseal when the occasion message has been written.